How to Wear a Gym Wig

How to Wear a Gym Wig

How to Wear a Gym Wig

For women wear wigs while suffering from hair loss, exercise is a great way to induce stress and anxiety and get healthy. Hair loss can make people feeling vulnerable or feel unconfident about their look. Wearing wigs is a perfect way to get back some of your hair mojo by giving them the power to choose how people see you. However, wearing a wig to the gym can pose an issue. The wig gets messy, drenched in a sweat, leaving you feel uncomfortable. Plus it is prone to fall off from all the vigorous movement if your wig doesn't secure properly. This brings up a question: can I wear a wig to the gym?

The answer: yes. A gym hair wig is a designated wig for people use to go the gym or wear during sporting activities. They can be any style, color and type of wig you feel most comfortable in. However there are a few things you should consider about wearing a gym wig.

Wearing a Gym Wig

The tips to wear a gym wig

  • Wear an older wig

If you have a older wig that you don't want to wear as much anymore, then pop it on for gym!

Older wigs are great when you know it will inevitably get sweaty and you’ll have to keep washing it, and it doesn't really matter if they get accidentally damaged.

  • Styling

Braiding your hair not only ensure a more natural wig look but also present a long-lasting hairstyle that will not interfere with your movements. Of course, it will make you feel cooler with all your hair braided.

If your braids are styled correctly, this style will last the rest of the day. You will not need to wash your wig after every workout session, which makes everything that much easier for you!

  • Going with a short wig

With a short wig, you will feel much more comfortable with less weight on head. Alternatively, tie your hair in a low ponytail with a gripping hair tie to keep it out of your way. Shop short wigs here.

  • Go for synthetic wigs

As a gym attire, synthetic wigs win over human hair wigs for three reasons: First, synthetic wigs are much cheaper than human hair. Since your wig can get sweaty and clumpy during exercise, you will probably like to use a cheaper option in case the wig gets damaged. Second,

synthetic wigs are easy to care for, they have excellent ability to retain its style, regardless of the weather. Finally, synthetic wigs are lighter than human hair wigs - this means less pressure over your head, and less overheating, and an overall more comfortable wearing experience. Click here to shop synthetic wigs.

  • Select a headband wig

Hair and headband all in one. That's the headband wig. Headband wigs offer the most natural looking. The headband is made from yoga-pant material which is moisture-wicking and provides secure attachment to the head. Besides, the headband attached to open wefted hair for excellent comfort and breathability. They are also quick and convenient hairstyles. No lace no glue. Just throw it on your head and go in seconds. A lifesaver on fitness days.

  • Securing your gym wig

The next big step to consider before hitting the gym is making your wig as secure as possible. When doing any form of exercise, you need to feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge your wig is as secure as can be before you start. Luckily, several options exit to give you a more comfortable fit. Using wig cap, wig tape and/or wig clips to secure your wig is recommended when working out.

Considering the above points, you can totally wear a wig to the gym. We hope you now have the confidence to get back in the gym and feel the burn, safe in the knowledge that your gym hair wig looks fabulous and feels nice and secure!

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